Client Communication Policy

It is Conviction’s aim to help people access, navigate and have a voice in the Criminal Justice System.


How We Communicate

Conviction has Caseworkers and Advocates who manage communication with clients, you.


We will primarily contact you via email or letter if you do not have an email address.


From time to time we will telephone you.


When We Communicate

We will only contact you when there is a specific update related to your application.


At any one time the casework team is dealing with many applications, therefore unfortunately we cannot communicate with you all the time.


How You Contact Us

Contacting us for a general update will slow down the progress we can make on your application. No news will often mean there is no news.


Please respond swiftly if:

  • We ask you for additional information or documents.
  • You find alternative representation or would like to withdraw your application.
  • There is a change in your circumstances.
  • You have an update relating to your deadline or application.


Telephone Enquiries

If you contact Conviction by telephone, please only leave one voicemail.

A caseworker will try to respond to your single voicemail within five to seven working days.


Email/Postal Enquiries

If you contact Conviction by email, a caseworker will usually respond to you within seven to ten working days.


Inappropriate Communication

It is our policy that no member of staff will tolerate any inappropriate comments.


While we appreciate that lack of communication can be frustrating during what may be a stressful time for you, Conviction is a small not-for-profit and has procedures in place to ensure it is able to fulfil its aims, objectives and community benefit test.


If you continue to speak to a member of staff inappropriately, you will be warned that assistance may be withdrawn if you continue to communicate in this way.