Making a complaint

At Conviction, we take complaints very seriously and will do our best to address any concerns raised. Through the effective handling of complaints, we aim to ensure the rules of the charity are upheld and the charity provides a place where members feel comfortable to engage in charitable activity and debate in a welcoming environment.

Fairness is at the heart of everything we do in Conviction, and a robust procedure for dealing with complaints is vital in order to ensure all our members are treated fairly. We hope you won’t have cause for complaint, but if you do we aim to deal with the concern in a prompt, transparent and fair manner

The procedure for making an official complaint

Should you wish to make a formal complaint, the first step is to put your concerns in writing to the Complaints Officer. You should include as much detail as possible, and try to include:

  • Summary of complaint
  • Dates and times of any relevant events
  • Name of individual the complaint is about (if relevant) including any information that will help identify them
  • Any evidence that supports your complaint (including screenshots if the complaint relates to social media or other websites)
  • Names of witnesses who may be able to provide an account

You can contact the Complaints Officer at [email protected] or you can send your complaint to the below address:

Complaints Officer
Lower Ground Floor
40 Bloomsbury Way
Greater London
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 020 3880 2638

Email: [email protected]