Judicial Review: Proposals for Reform Consultation

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The Independent Review of Administrative Law (‘the Review’) was established on the 31st July 2020 to examine trends in Judicial Review and to deliberate on any recommendations for reform on key areas: codification, non-justiciability, the grounds of review and remedies, and procedure. The focus on these areas is reflected in the structure of the Review’s Report  and the Panel have made recommendations on each area.

The Consultation Document is intended to complement the analysis presented throughout the Report. The consultation document is split broadly into two parts.

The first provides an exposition of the Government’s understanding of the constitution and its aims with regard to Judicial Review, addressing some valuable points raised in the Review’s call for evidence. 

The second part of the consultation explores the specific proposals by explaining the rationale in more detail and what each proposal is designed to achieve. This is accompanied by suggestions as to how the proposals may be implemented in fairly high-level terms.

Each proposal is also accompanied by specific consultation questions. Submissions which do not focus on the questions, but deal with the subject of Judicial Review more generally, are also welcome.

More information, including details of how to respond can be found on the consultation’s website here, or on the gov.uk website here.

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