Expenses Policy


This policy sets out the basis on which volunteers expenses will be paid. Conviction does not expect volunteers to be out of pocket in respect of work carried out for Conviction and encourages all volunteers to submit claims for reasonable expenses incurred whilst carrying out activities on behalf of Conviction

Example of Expenses

Any reasonable costs that allow volunteers to carry out authorised activities can be classed as legitimate expenses. As long as Conviction only pays the volunteer the actual cost or expense, the payment is not taxable. The respective expense rates that Conviction will reimburse and have been assessed as reasonable in the Charities opinion are shown in Appendix 1 and 2.

The following are examples of expenses:

  • the reasonable cost of travelling to and from Conviction meetings, and on
  • Conviction business and events. This can include the cost of using public transport, taxi fares, and petrol allowances to the level permitted by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) before tax becomes payable.
  • the reasonable cost of childcare, or care of other dependants (including any
  • essential care costs) for example, an elderly parent, whilst attending meetings on presentation of invoices from commercial providers;
  • the cost of postage and telephone calls on Conviction business.
  • communication support: translating documents into Braille for a blind volunteer, or into different languages;
  • provision of alerting and listening devices, and other special aids for people with hearing impairment;
  • the costs of buying training materials and publications relevant to Conviction
  • business;
  • providing special transport, equipment or facilities for a volunteer with a disability;
  • the cost of reasonable overnight accommodation and reasonable refunds for the cost of meals taken while on charity business, attending meetings or other essential events.

Paying reasonable expenses is a good way of ensuring that volunteers participate in running Conviction and, more generally, of ensuring that being a volunteer is open to all. Unless by personal choice, no volunteer should be ‘out of pocket’ as a result of carrying out authorised Conviction voluntary activities.

Payments That Are Not Legitimate Expenses

Payments which would not be legitimate expenses are those expenses which are excessive, and/or which do not relate to legitimate Conviction activities. The following are all examples of payments which are not legitimate expenses or payments:

payment of hotel accommodation or travel costs for spouses or partners who are not themselves travelling on Conviction business;

payment of private telephone bills for business unrelated to Conviction;

petrol mileage rates above the levels approved by HMRC for claimable expenses.

There are many other examples. Any misuse of Charity assets for private benefit can damage public confidence in Conviction. If there is any dispute as to the validity of an expense claim this will in the first instance be referred to the Head of Finance. If the matter cannot be resolved it will be escalated to the Chief Executive who may refer the matter to the Board for decision.

Process for Claiming Expenses

All expense claims utilising an expense claim form in respect of Conviction activities should be submitted to the Volunteer Manager together with receipts for all costs. Fully itemised VAT receipts must be attached; credit card receipts will not suffice. If in exceptional circumstances a receipt is not available, please ensure that you provide a signed note with an explanation. Expense claims should be made within 14 days and no later than 31 days after the expenditure has been incurred. All expenses for the current financial year should be claimed before 31 March in that year.

Further Information

  • Expense claim forms are available from the Volunteers Manager, the
  • Conviction Intranet or from the Head of Finance.
  • Reimbursement of business expenses are normally processed weekly.
  • Authorised expense claims received in the Finance Mailbox by close of play
  • on a Monday will normally be processed within that week.
  • Payment will be made by bank transfer, providing your account details have
  • been given to the Volunteers Manager, and will be in your bank account two
  • working days after the processing date.
  • In the event of overpayment of expenses being identified through error or
  • over claim, then depending on the circumstances this will be deducted from
  • future expense claims or a request for direct reimbursement will be made.

Compliance with Legal and Contractual Obligations

Conviction will abide by all UK legislation relating to Volunteer Expenses Policy and Procedures including but not limited to:

  • The Companies Act (2006)
  • The Charities Act (2011)
  • Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP 2015)

Page last reviewed: 18 May, 2022

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