Promotion of human rights

  1. To promote human rights throughout England by all or any of the following means:
    1. monitoring abuses of human rights;
    2. obtaining redress for the victims of human rights abuse;
    3. relieving need among the victims of human rights abuse;
    4. research into human rights issues;
    5. providing technical advice to government and others on human rights matters;
    6. contributing to the sound administration of human rights law;
    7. commenting on proposed human rights legislation;
    8. promoting public support for human rights;
    9. eliminating infringements of human rights;

In furtherance of that object but but not otherwise, the members shall have power to engage in political activity provided that the members are satisfied that the proposed activities will further the purposes of the C.I.C. to an extent justified by the resources committed and the activity is not the dominant means by which the C.I.C. carries out its objects. 

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