Our vision, mission and values

Our vision

We want a Criminal Justice System grounded in transparency and accessibility. One that recognises life-chances are not equal. Where everybody can have the knowledge to be their own advocate. We want a society where movements such as us don’t need to exist.


Our service users

We represent people from all walks of life across England and Wales. We support our service users by developing practical resources designed to support people to access their rights, support campaigning, engage in policy work, and offering our casework and advocacy service for those in most need.

Our service users are now also able to join as a member of our newly formed Service User Involvement Forum, whereby people like you can have a say on the types of campaigns we support, areas for further investigation, have a say on the running of the organisation and make your concerns known to those who matter with our support.


Our work

We champion those who feel forgotten, not listened to, or abused by any arm of the Criminal Justice System by connecting, representing, and supporting people to be active citizens, have a voice, and be treated in accordance with their rights. We work to help other organisations and our volunteers make the biggest difference they can.

  • We listen
  • We act
  • We care


Our history

Conviction was founded in 2017 by Ryan Jarvis, initially offering help to people in prison who were unable to afford legal advice. As more and more people were referring themselves for support, it was soon realised that there was a clear need for proper help, advice, and guidance on many areas of the criminal justice process. Thereof course, are charities that already do such great work in this area but it quite simply isn’t enough.

Since then we have slowly started to recruit trusted volunteers and make Conviction not just an organisation for change, but a real movement for reform by challenging the status quo and assisting people who often, quite frankly, are not given a voice, properly represented, or treated in accordance with their human and/or other rights. Our funding streams are minimal, with barely our expenses covered, therefore the generosity and dedication offered by our volunteers is key to making Conviction a success.


Our values

Our values shape Conviction’s culture. They guide how we behave and make decisions.

We are separate from the government and a safe space to reach out to. We don’t fear speaking the truth against the powerful. 

When justice is done it ripples out and touches us all  

Life chances aren’t equal and the system doesn’t accept that. We believe human rights are for everyone, and challenging unfair treatment is our purpose.  

We back the underdog and give a voice to those who aren’t heard. 

Bullshit is unhelpful, and confusion is a time-waster. We value your time, we listen and care.   

There will never be a moment where we fail to support one another. We celebrate our differences and we believe we all have something to offer. There is no room for judgment here. Only warmth and respect.    

Like you, no matter how hard things get we stay strong and committed.