What we do

What we do

We can do a lot when we put our mind to it, but here is a little insight into some of our main activities.

Legal Casework

  • Offer information and general advice through our helpline on the law in our key areas such as prison law, criminal sentencing, criminal appeals, treatment of vulnerable and mentally disordered offenders as well as your rights upon being searched and arrested by the police.
  • Represent Conviction in judicial review claims or interventions.
  • Find sound legal advice for those who are unable to afford or locate a regulated professional themselves.
  • If unable to find assistance we can help you prepare your own case and even ask the judge permission to speak for you.


  • Assist and support you to speak out/speak up for yourself.
  • Ensure that your voice is heard and you are listened to.
  • Assist you to achieve your goals and/or to refer you so you can access the services you need.
  • Provide the information that you will need to ensure that you can make informed choices and decisions based on sound information.
  • Give you control over your circumstances and life.
  • Protect and safeguard rights, services and interests.

Policy Work & Research

  • Autism in the CJS – This is a new policy area that we are concentrating on and have set up a dedicated page with further information. If you would like to get involved please get in touch with us.
  • My Data or Theirs – After feedback from our service users we are preparing to start a campaign around the storage, misuse, and non-compliance by criminal justice agencies across the country who daily are breaking the law in relation to the access and rectification of offenders data. A dedicated page will be set up soon. Sign up for our newsletter to receive an update when this policy area has been launched.

Online Services

  • Criminal Justice Hub – The Criminal Justice Hub is a work in progress with the ultimate goal of providing one, free central resource for everything criminal justice-related in England and Wales. It will contain a directory of all criminal justice resources and services as well as useful guides and handy tips for those who are self-representing in the criminal courts. You can view the resource here.
  • Official-Sensitive Secure Mail Service (OSSM) – This service will be launched soon and will offer members of the public a secure email service for exchanging confidential data when self-representing.

Alert: Help keep Conviction running

Did you know? As well as Conviction, we also run Autism in the CJS and the Criminal Justice Hub. They’re all part of Conviction’s mission to help people navigate and have a voice within the Criminal Justice System in England and Wales – but we need your help to keep them running. Donate Now