Our Vision

Our vision is to empower individuals affected by the criminal justice system to navigate and advocate for themselves with confidence and dignity. We strive to create a system where individuals are treated fairly and have access to the necessary resources and support to effectively participate in the justice process. Our ultimate goal is to create a criminal justice system that is truly just and equitable for all. We will strive to achieve this by providing comprehensive and accessible support and resources, as well as by working closely with relevant stakeholders to promote systemic change and reform.

Our Service Users

We assist individuals from various backgrounds nationally by creating helpful resources to help them assert their rights, participate in advocacy efforts, and engage in policy development. Additionally, we provide casework and advocacy support for those who require it most.

Our Work

We advocate for individuals who have been neglected, ignored, or mistreated by a branch of the criminal justice system. We strive to empower them by providing representation, support, and resources to become engaged citizens and assert their rights. We also assist other organisations and our volunteers in making a significant impact.

  • We listen to the concerns of our service users
  • We take action to address their needs
  • We genuinely care about their well-being

Our Values

Our values shape Conviction's culture. They guide how we behave and make decisions.

  • Fairness and justice - We believe that everyone is entitled to a fair and just outcome in the criminal justice system, regardless of their background or circumstances.
  • Empowerment - We strive to empower individuals to understand their rights and navigate the criminal justice system with confidence.
  • Transparency and Accountability - We promote transparency and accountability within the criminal justice system to ensure that all individuals are treated fairly and justly.
  • Inclusivity - We work to address issues of systemic bias and discrimination within the criminal justice system and strive to provide support and resources to marginalised communities.
  • Support - We provide comprehensive support to individuals connected to the criminal justice system and work to address the needs of individuals who have been wrongfully arrested, convicted or treated.
  • Community - We believe in the importance of community education and outreach and strive to raise awareness about issues related to the criminal justice system.
  • Integrity - We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and providing honest, unbiased, and professional services to all of our service users.