Welcome to Conviction's Criminal Justice Advocacy page.

We provide free, tailored support to offenders, their families, and the criminal justice community. Our aim is to empower people and communities, ensuring they can effectively share their views and receive the support they need throughout their journey.

Our Advocacy Services

Our advocacy services support you through the criminal justice system.

Casework Support:
We guide, inform, and support individuals and families as they navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system. We help you understand your rights, access resources, and make informed decisions.

Information and Referrals:
We provide accurate, regularly updated information on legal processes, services, and organisations in the criminal justice system. If you need more specialized support, we can refer you to services like legal aid or counselling.

Empowering You:
We empower you to speak up about your case. Our advocates work closely with you to ensure your concerns and needs are addressed throughout the process.

Important Information for Service Users

Responsibility for Cases:
Although we offer support and advocacy, you are responsible for managing your own case. We will guide and assist you, but you will make the final decisions and actions.

Referral Process:
We follow a strict referral process to make sure our services reach those who benefit most. To start your referral, please follow the guidelines on our website.

Waiting List:
There is a wait for our services because of high demand. Thank you for your patience as we work to help everyone as quickly as possible.

Need Criminal Justice Advocacy?

Check our referral process: Visit our website to understand how to make a referral.

Submit your referral: Fill in your details and submit your case for review.

Our team will assess your submission and get back to you as quickly as possible to discuss your case and the next steps. We're here to give a voice to the unheard and ensure fairness in the criminal justice system.

While there might be some waiting time, rest assured that we are actively working to meet the needs of all our service users.

Together, we'll work through the challenges, support positive outcomes, and strive for a more equitable system for everyone.