I have today signed Liberty Human Right’s petition to repeal the Coronavirus Act

Posted by: Ryan Jarvis - Posted on:

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The Coronavirus Act is the greatest limitation on our civil liberties in a generation and harms our most basic human rights.

Emergency measures are still in force and could be renewed indefinitely, giving police dangerously sweeping powers, allowing mental health and social care safeguards to be suspended and placing our protest rights under permanent threat.

Repeal the Coronavirus Act 2020 and focus on a response that protects our rights.

Ryan Jarvis

Ryan Founded and became CEO of Conviction in 2018, upon its formal registration as a charitable company. He is also the go to person when volunteers are not sure on something and dedicates a number of hours every week to helping people have a voice and be heard.

Ryan is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute for Legal Executives (ACILEx) and is also a member of Liberty Human Rights, Restraint Reduction Network, Autism and Intellectual Disability in Criminal Justice Network and more recently the National Police Autism Association.

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